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Where are my Dubs?

All of your dubs are now consolidated in your Profile, along with your Favorites.

Oh no! I can’t see the dubs I created. Where are they?

After creating a Dub, you’ll have a chance to review. At this stage, you can download your video to your device, share it in a third-party social app, or just save it to your Profile by hitting done. If you do not select any of these options, and hit the arrow back button, the video won’t be saved anywhere.

I don’t want anyone to see my Dubs. How do I make them private?

Users can adjust video privacy on a per-video basis. Tap the lock icon on each video to make it public or private.

Can I create a new sound?

Users can add their own sounds to the Dubsmash library on the latest iOS and Android releases. Once your sound is saved, other users can search for and use your sound. The maximum duration for a sound is ten seconds.

What can I watch on Dubsmash?

On top of having millions of sounds, Dubsmash also has the world’s largest database of video quotes, with everything from viral videos to Harry Potter. You can search for a show in the app to create your own dubs, or head to to create your own memes. Have a line you can’t find? Email us at

Where did my chats go?

Chats are no longer a part of Dubsmash. We saw that many of you were using third-party chat platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram & Messenger to share dubsmashes, so we focused on making it easier to share through those channels.

Can I add and follow friends in Dubsmash?

You can now search for and follow your friends within the app. Your friends will only ever be able to see your videos that you’ve marked Public.

Can I change my username?

Yes! Visit your Settings within your Profile and tap My Username to make the change.

Why can’t I share to my moments?

Moments are no longer a part of Dubsmash. You can now share in two ways: within the app to make it available to the whole Dubsmash community, or with your friends on social platforms.

I want to be on the feed! How can I be featured there?

There are a few ways. Tag us on insta, tweet at us, send us a FB message, or simply share it when you create it in Dubsmash. Our editorial team makes the final call on what gets featured, so make sure to really bring it.

Can I log in without an internet or data connection?

No. An internet connection or data plan is needed to load Dubsmash’s sound and video database for its users.

I am having a technical problem in the app - what do I do?

Eek! So sorry about that. You can reach out to our support team a few different ways: tweet at @dubsmash_support, or email us at Provide as many details as possible - your device information, sounds you’re using, screenshots - this will help us get a better idea of what’s going on and how to help you faster.

I can't log in.

Oh no! You can reset your password by visiting You will need to know the email associated with your Dubsmash account.

I want to delete the app.

We’re sorry to see you go! You can easily delete your account by visiting

I have a suggestion for the app, who can I tell?

We love hearing from our users! Email us at